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Help IDing pleco


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Hi guys I bought this pleco at a Petsmart 6 months ago when it was barely an inch long. I figured that I would be able to ID it by now as it grew but I am kinda at a loss. Anybody have an idea what kind of pleco I have? Its hard for me to get any better pictures not showing his belly, hopefully these are good enough.



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1 hour ago, JettsPapa said:

I am by no stretch of the imagination a pleco expert, but doing a little research I wonder if it's a Gold Spot Pleco (Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus)?

I can see where how it might be that. As far as patterns go, theres a lot of similarities, but I don't think thats it. The finnage on my pleco aren't as big as the pictures i see for the gold spot pleco.


1 hour ago, Lynze said:

Just looks like a Bristlenose pleco. They like to sell them pretty tiny in chain stores. 

Thats what i was thinking when I first got it, maybe somebody could reconfirm for me just so I don't have to question myself again.

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