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Crushed coral vs. Aragonite?


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I've been doing some research trying to find out the difference between these two. I'm getting confused and going down the rabbit hole of aragonite vs. crushed coral and the calcite vs. aragonite forms of calcium carbonate...

I want to bump up the buffering capacity of my tap since it comes out at 2dKH and a pH of 7.0-7.2. I also would like to increase my GH since my tap is pretty soft as well at about 2dGH. Rather than dose equilibrium and alkaline buffer with every water change, adding cc or aragonite to my canister filter seems ideal.

So my question is...is there a difference? 

Ideal pH would be no higher than 7.4-7.6 since I want to keep bolivian rams, black phantom tetras, any corydoras.



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So are they are the same thing? One won't raise my pH and KH higher than the other? I have a bag of aragonite on hand but wondering if I should get true "crushed coral" instead. Aquarium Coop is out of stock at the moment and the internets seem to indicate there is a difference, but what that difference is...I can't figure out.

Help me obi-wan @Cory, you're my only hope...

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