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Found 5 results

  1. My soon-to-be aquarium is going to have a lot of snails and shrimp in it. It is also going to have cpds, otocinclus, and Corys. I want to use alder cones to add some cool blackwater to the aquarium and the thing with that is that i'm afraid it will lower my pH too much for the snails. So, with this stocking in mind, should I just use Aragonite Sand for them?
  2. Okay y'all my tap water is pH 7 gh 300+ kh 40 A 0 ni 0 na 0, I'm raising guppies, Pilates and Molly's along with mystery snails. I've been wanting to raise my KH and crushed coral isn't available and I'm not comfortable using like alkaline buffers so I put some aragonite in a filter media bag and put it in some filters, it's raised one tank, my 55g to pH 7.8 -8 gh 300+ kh 120ish which is running a standard canister filter with 1 bag inside instead of carbon pellets, will the aragonite eventually stop or is it just going to keep on raising the pH on up and up
  3. Hi all, I bought crushed coral off of Amazon and was sent a bag of aragonite by mistake. I am looking to raise my PH from 7.0 to 7.5. Would aragonite do the same thing as crushed coral? Interested in what you all use and if you ever tried using aragonite before. Thanks!
  4. Made a mistake at the pet shop and accidentally got aragonite sand instead of normal sand. Is this sand safe for pea puffers and anacharis?
  5. I've been doing some research trying to find out the difference between these two. I'm getting confused and going down the rabbit hole of aragonite vs. crushed coral and the calcite vs. aragonite forms of calcium carbonate... I want to bump up the buffering capacity of my tap since it comes out at 2dKH and a pH of 7.0-7.2. I also would like to increase my GH since my tap is pretty soft as well at about 2dGH. Rather than dose equilibrium and alkaline buffer with every water change, adding cc or aragonite to my canister filter seems ideal. So my question is...is there a difference? Ideal pH would be no higher than 7.4-7.6 since I want to keep bolivian rams, black phantom tetras, any corydoras. Thanks!
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