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Angelfish Egg fertilization rate.


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Hello, I have been breeding angelfish for awhile now. But I have kind of an advanced question. I have two pairs in a 29 gal tank with a foam divider In the middle. And the pair on the left side with the sponge filter have a awful fertilization rate probably under 10% make it to wrigglers. I pull the eggs and put them in a two gal jar with meth blue. The side on the right with the blue pair has had a very high rate of success with fertilization, and that side has no sponge filter. So the question is could the water movement off the sponge filter be effecting the fertilization rate of the koi pair on the left sideA39E6AAA-8C95-4F35-B441-1FC72A651169.jpeg.bdebe2100ccdab6ebefd79980481b34d.jpeg

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