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Hello from West Seattle!


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Hi there fish friends! Im Pearl, I'm a Seattle native. I've been keeping aquaria on and off for the last 20 years or so, though for the last 8 years I've been keeping bettas consistently. This year I've been branching out and have started keeping shrimp and some cool water species.  Im excited to learn more with y'all and maybe help some newer folks too!

Here's a candid shot of my newish dirted subtropical 55 gal, with 3 dojo loaches, 8 gold barbs as well as a variety of snails. I made a riparium planter out of egg crate diffuser you can kinda see in this shot on the top left of the tank, thats full of happy pothos and a monstera that refuses to grow. 


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Greetings from North of Seattle!! Welcome to the forum - I love your tank and set up. The plants look great and I can relate about the monstera situation lol those can be finicky. Cool riparium too, the natural way to lower nitrates!

Hope to see you around soon, I'd love to see more of your tanks 🙂 

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