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55 gallon ideas

David Mulvihill

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7 hours ago, David Mulvihill said:

I want to start a 55 gallon tank. What fish can I put German rams with? 


German blue rams don't generally thrive at temperatures below the low to mid-80°'s, so that limits your options.  Cardinal tetras and sterbai corys are the ones I see recommended most often.

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Rams like it warm so I would suggest other cichlids like, Apistogramma and Angelfish. All though you already have the GBR as a centerpeice fish so some nice schooling fish, like tetras would be nice. Heres a few:

-Cardinal Tetras (Keep it at 82F)

-Bronze Cory Doras (Keep it at 82F)

-Rummy Nose Tetras are great because of how tolerent they are of warm water, they can go from 74F - 86F

-Kuhli Loaches

-Silver Tip Tetras (keep it at 82F)


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