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Is RockWool Okay?

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Is it  ok to just leave potted plants in rock wool? For years I was told to remove the plants immediately and repot/plant  in substrate...but now  I noticed that Cory from Aquarium Coop leaves plants in rock wool when they are placed in his Easy Planters!

I think rock wool is easy to work with and if the plants have been originally started in it, shouldn't it be just fine for permanent growth?

Thanks All

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Yes, you can do that. I leave plants in rockwool for my quarantine tank. That way, I get the benefit of plants in the tank, but I can still keep it bare bottom.

I do feel that they sometimes grow a little slower, but it depends on which plant, too. My moneywort grew fast at first, then showed waaaay down; but the water wisteria grow at a steady pace, & when the roots started growing our of the pot, it just kept growing.



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It is realistically completely safe to have in an aquarium 

It is just molten stone spun into fine strands to make the wool. Inert and doesnt "rot" just "Dissolves" at best but left undisturbed it's all good.

Completely safe and fine to use. 

But if your concerned or you have fish digging into it/eating it/ pecking at it always then I'd just pull it out to be sure. 

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