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Inflamed red gills - Just happened!


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This morning my panda cory was very listless and I noticed his gills are really inflamed and puffy.  My daughter says it looks like there is a small pom-pom in his gills (my eyesight is not the greatest).  I have him quarantined and did a dose of Maracyn.  

The other fish in my 20g long tank (another cory, guppy, place) look fine but should I dose them just in case?

Sorry, trying to figure out a way to post an image of him.

Thanks for any input, greatly needed!

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Thanks for your reply @Cory  Here is a photo of my cory.  I snapped a photo of his left side which is way worse than his right.  Unfortunately my little guy didn't make it.

I'm medicating the other fish now with Maracyn and the remaining trio will be arriving today or tomorrow.

Question:  I did have him quarantined when I saw these symptoms.  Do I need to disinfect the sponge filter that was used in the quarantine tank?  I'd like to use it in my smaller aquarium.

Thanks so for all that you do!


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