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ideas for North American biotope fish


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If you want trout the CPD reminds me of a brook trout however not US native. if you want the biotope for a US hill stream you can get rainbow shiners and rainbow darters for a 20 gallon I would get 3 darters for a 20 long and do about 10 shiners. You could have a orange spotted sunfish in a 20 tall they are very pretty and aggressive like a cichlid that dose best alone and with lots of wood. Not my photos






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I love native or american biotopes. Id get some small sunfish or bluegill or othwr species of parish that you are willing to upgrade in the future. Also add some small catfish or creek chums. Also maybe sone crayfish as bottom dwellers might help to clean up after the rest. You might get a school of 20 some flathead minnows. But because they are so small they might have to be alone. You can also do a small trout tank

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