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Found 20 results

  1. Planning on getting a 29g tank but it will probably cost more than the tank itself to buy a stand for it. Do you know of any cheap stands to buy that look nice?
  2. Ive never kept native fish before and Im looking to get into it. I want to have a nice looking tank with interesting fish that fit in a 10 gallon. Any ideas? I would also like fish that I could purchase, as I dont really want to collect my own. Thanks, Jack
  3. Why aren't US natives more popular? I want to know how to care for these fish and maybe where to find them? Would love to see what natives everyone keeps. Bluenose Shiner, Speckled Madtom, Mountain Redbelly Dace, Tangerine Darter, Bridle Shiner, and the candy darter.
  4. Post pics of your native species of fish that you have in your aquarium. Here is mine. Lepomis megalotis aka longear sunfish
  5. You can add Hawaii or any other US state or territory in there if you like.
  6. The purpose of this thread is to document my collection of Native North American Fish (as well as other aquatic life) and their habitats. The methods used to collect are often dip net, micro fishing, standard fishing pole, and or hand caught.
  7. I would like to keep some us native fish. I like pumpkinseeds because but they can get to 5" can I keep a pair in a 20 tall with nothing else and live plants. I would think it would work because you can keep a pair of angels in a 20 tall and they get 6" and a lot taller.
  8. So I live in Kentucky and I went over to one of my creeks and I found these super weird fish what are they.
  9. Who all on here has done a fish collecting trip? I used to collect sunfish and other natives back when I was legally aloud to do so but now I can't do it alone because of local laws. How many of you have your own collection story's and pictures. I also want to here about if you have gotten fish from out of the country like a Amazon or Africa trip. Again I would love pictures and for you to talk about your experience. Here is a photo of some of my natives that I had to buy
  10. Found this while researching flagfish and pygmy sunfish. http://nanfa.org/default.shtml
  11. I just decided early this year to work with geenhead shiner, they are native here so I can't sell them or anything, but I believe they will be a fun project to work with. Theyll get an outside tub and 2 aquarium in my fishroom, thats the maximum space I can give them. If they get out of hand ill have to get rid of some of them. I'll to my best to not cross them with my rainbow shiner since they are from the same family. Goal is to bring out the red in the body and white in the fin. You guys/gals are welcome for the ride lol! the photo are not when they are not fire up
  12. I have some juvenile Gulf Coast Pygmy Sunfish that I might have to move soon. Currently they are in a holding tank for fish that will eventually go into the 1930s aquarium. This male (the dark colored fish behind the swordtails) is now king of this aquarium and all the other fish give him a wide berth. He hasn't fully colored up yet, but he has colored up enough for me to know he is a he. I guess they aren't juveniles anymore. I might setup a breeding tank, but I am waiting on @Randy and @Bob to get theirs going (and see who can breed them first).🙂
  13. The male undulates and flicks to the nearby female and leads her into his nest. There she snacks on a few eggs but also lays a few eggs. He vibrates with ecstasy as he fertilizes the eggs she deposits. After she leaves he continues to vibrate.
  14. Anyone on the forum keeping U.S. Native Darters? Very excited to be getting a male & female pair of Rainbow Darters this week. Got a tank set up for them. 68-degrees F, Lots of filtration, lots of flow. Snails to feed (in other aquariums), along with frozen blood worms (which the seller tells us is what they're fed currently). The occasional chopped up earthworm is also on the menu. Got their dedicated 29 gal set up. Planning to also add some lovely Rainbow Shiners. Lots of Greens going in the back left corner -- probably Valisneria Americana -- to wobble in the current flow. Added a small HYDOR water-fan / powerhead to push the water through the tank.
  15. Water temp 70 degrees. One tablespoon salt per 5 gallons of water. (salt seems to really have slowed down problems I have had in the past} Fish in tanks I would like to mess with plants are small fry caught in trap mostly sunfish and others I don't even know what they are.
  16. Hey everyone, I am going to do a North American biotope in a 20 gallon for a school. Does any body know of any fish that look like the fish below (I can't keep trout 😞) that stays about 2-3 inches, and is captive bred? Thanks
  17. I'm wondering whether I should be feeding my Lepomis megalotis (longear sunfish) throughout the (Utah) winter in my small pond. Temperatures are regularly but not always below freezing. I've read on other forums that you shouldn't feed goldfish and koi below around 50 degrees (F) because they don't digest the food. Is that specific to carp, or does it generally apply to most cold water fish? I'm struggling to find info about this anywhere else. Thanks in advance!
  18. I was exploring the shoreline of Lake Champlain today, and found this little guy in a mat of plants washed up at the water’s edge. Besides pining for the fjords, what is it?
  19. Version 1.0.0


    //content.invisioncic.com/b300999/monthly_2020_09/1719868579_FishDiversity.PNG.b8aa9702d653df487000555193b7aa17.PNG The opening line to this paper says it all "The southeastern United States is inhabited by the greatest diversity of aquatic plant and animal species in North America, and the most diverse freshwater ichthyofauna outside the Tropics". The author goes on to describe the forces that have led to this diversity include rising and falling sea levels and the pulsations of the recurring ice ages. It way nerdy but there are fabulous nuggets of original insights in this paper. He focuses on the Pygmy Sunfishes of the genus Elassoma, but the conclusions apply to all Southeastern Fishes. We North American fish keepers barely realized how good we have here, but isn't that always the way? //content.invisioncic.com/b300999/monthly_2020_09/1719868579_FishDiversity.PNG.b8aa9702d653df487000555193b7aa17.PNG
  20. Hi I'm Taylor from Minnesota and this is my alligator gar named Bubbles (Sorry for the bad photo). He is in an 800 gallon above ground pond in my fish room. I don't have that many tanks I have a 90 rainbow fish community that I'll be planting. I have a 300 gallon snapping turtle tank with a 150 above tank sump that has plants and a few fish. The last tank is a 300 hillstream community that I'm sure I'll make a post on. It is inspired by Rachel O'Learys 150 hill stream same kinds of fish just more. are their any other monster keepers here?
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