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Adding canister prefilter to canister filter (Fluval 206)


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I am thinking about adding canister prefilter to external fluval 206, maybe it's not necessary but i want to know and talk about it.

So there's two options-

1. Prefilter without pump- that's straight forward Inlet-prefilter-canister-outlet

2. Prefilter with pump (my concern is how that pump would work with fluval 206 pump) would prefilter pump water too fast or too slow?

In attachment are two prefilters one with pump and one without so you can  get better idea what i am thinking about.

In prefilter i would add just mechanical filtration and in fluval 206 just biological filtration.

Just info- prefilter pump around 100 gallons per hour, fluval 206- 206 gallons per hour.




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I would think if you use the  inline with your inlet port of your canister it would be ok as long as it was kept clean.  Now adding one with inline with a pump would either try to slow down the 206 or speed it up which either one I would think wouldnt be good on the 206 like it would be working against the filter. I've been a mechanic for 20 years and in my experience when you start messing with the flow of a pump it tends to lead to bad results. Just my opinion 

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