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Recommendations for nano breeding


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I am looking to start breeding some fish for fun in addition to cherries. The 16 gallon tank already has some ember tetras and some Pygmy corys. Any recommendations for nano fish that are fairly simple to breed? I am fairly on top of my water changes and have extra filtration to accommodate for the extra waste.

I added a picture for reference! And I’ve been thinking of doing CPD’s?


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Your Pygmies will breed easily. In the 16 gal with cherry shrimp I would recommend you breed any of the following:

- Heterandria Formosa (least killifish)

- Endlers

- Guppies

- If you can find them LDA08 plecos

Those fish should be relatively easy to breed, and they won't predate too heavily on the shrimp.

Good Luck!

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16 minutes ago, Fish Folk said:

It would be inspiring to see a photo of your setup. Provided this is a planted tank, I’d select a quality endler strain from a reputable breeder who will sell you a few males and females of the same strain. Grabbed a free-usage photo of a nice male example. There are other even more inspiring gems too!


Here you go! Sorry I should have thought of that lol. The Betta will be moved to another tank.


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27 minutes ago, Fish Folk said:

CPDs would be glorious. Not sure how the Betta may interact with fry... and CPDs might be a bit challenging to breed. Very pretty tank! Thanks for sharing.

I would be moving the betta to another tank once I got them in. I’m a bit worried about the Pygmy corys maybe eating some eggs. 

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4 minutes ago, Fish Folk said:

Yeah . . . I think that a livebearer you really enjoyed would be most prolific. Curious: is that a matin filter on the side? Trying to figure out the inflow tube. 

Not a Matin filter. It’s a Fluval spec so it’s their “all in one” filtration system. I threw a sponge filter for extra filtration and to have a cycled sponge ready incase I ever need one.

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