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foreground plant recommendations - dwarf crypts? water clover?

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I have a 30gallon (about 110 liters) aquarium. It currently has mainly epiphyte and midground & background plants, but is definitely lacking foreground plants. 

Currently, here are the plants I am considering:

  • monte carlo (micranthemum tweediei ‘Monte Carlo’)
  • staurogyne repens

  • water-clover (marsilea hirsuta)

  • lobelia cardinalis cultivar

  • dwarf species of crypts

However, I am a bit of a newbie with plants, and was hoping someone could give me some advice on these or share their personal experience! 

I do really like crypts but I would want a smaller / dwarf variety. That being said there are so many species I don't know where to start haha 😄 I also do love water-clover but will it grow okay in an aquarium?

If you have any recommendations other than the ones I listed, please let me know too! I'd appreciate it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


other potentially important info

dirted tank, no liquid fertilizer

no co2

30 gallons / 113 liters

sponge filter

23 degrees C (74 degrees F)

high light (8 hours a day)

stocked with pygmy cories, adding harlequin rasboras & honey gourami within next few weeks

pH 7.0 | dGH 8 | dKH 6


i like jungle / dutch style aquariums with lots of plants heheheheheheheh

i am willing to have medium to high maintenance plants

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