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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone, I feel like it would be a pain to manage many different posts of questions I had, so I figured that I would just ask them all on the same thread. Has anybody had any experience with Thick-Lipped Gouramis (Colisa labiosa/Trichogaster labiosa)? If so, are they peaceful? What are good tankmates for them? The reason for this is because I found one amongst some honey gouramis at my LFS, and I was considering getting one. I've also seen them in some of Cory's videos, specifically the store tours. How easy are Rosy Barbs to breed? Can they be bred/kept outside during the summer in tubs? Can white cloud mountain minnows and endlers be kept together where they both breed? Do they prey on each other's fry? How about platies? Schooling fish recommendations for a 29 gallon aquariums with endlers and cories? I am looking for something that 1) doesn't get too big, and can live happily in a 29 gallon tank, 2) won't prey too much on the endler babies, and 3) that doesn't fin nip or is food aggressive. Bonus if they are easy to breed and easy to raise their fry. I was at first considering cardinal tetras, but now I am overwhelmed with many other great looking fish my LFS carries. I need to narrow down from this list: cardinal tetra, cherry barb, rosy tetra, lemon tetra, Cochu's blue tetra, black neon tetra, black skirt tetra, glowlight danio, dwarf neon rainbow, white cloud mountain minnow, diamond tetra, emperor tetra, phoenix rasbora, penguin tetra. How much do plants affect filtration/stocking? Like the number of plants in relation to the amount of fish and size of tank. Plant recommendations. I need them to be tall, really easy to keep, low-medium light (I have a Nicrew 30 inch light on my 29, not sure if it is low light or high light), and preferably not a stem plant. I already have water sprite, vallisneria, crypt wendtii, Java fern, dwarf lily, amazon sword, and dwarf hairgrass in the tank, but I want something different. If not, then I'll just do more water sprite. I'd appreciate the advice and answers. Thanks guys.
  2. I was given a 56 gallon column tank. It was previously a saltwater tank. I would like to use it for a planted tank. The equipment it came with was a reef light with t5 bulbs and 2 circulation pumps. I would like to make a tank that uses smaller leafed plants and small fish to make the tank appear large. I would love to hear some plant suggestions. I also would like to ask what bulbs I should get for the light. The tank is 24 inches deep. The light has a timer and the ability to turn on 2 bulbs at a time in case I should consider having different types of bulbs. Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. I'm not a plant guy but I'm trying! I've heard plants dont grow well in sand so I've moved half of them into pots full of seachem Flourite substrate with easy tabs. Only ones in the sand are the new Amazon swords. The pics actually make them look better than they are. I've got higher Nitrates. Which I've been working getting it down to a more consistent 40ppm. All these plants are surrounded by easy tabs. What else can I test for to give me more answers on what I need? The bigger swords are new so they still look fabulous. Also my anubis has an alge growing on it.
  4. Hi, I was looking for opinions on my tanks... Is there such a thing as too many plants? Should I let it go wild or make any changes? My floaters have covered to top of each tank. Should I remove a good portion to let the light through? I was thinking of a Betta in each and a few shrimps but I'm not sure a Betta would be able to swim around in the two smaller tanks.. I think they look like they would be great for a shrimp playground though. They've only been set up for two and a half weeks but they've changed so much. The left tank has a lot of algae now.. but I finally found my snail babies and put at least 5 in there. 5 babies in the middle tank too. The right tank is by far the clearest and that had just two hitchhiker bladder snails for the whole time, but the majority of the babies will appear in here I'm sure. I have no filters My water seems good now. I'm getting all tanks the same No3. Between 10-25 No2. 0 GH.8 KH. 8 pH. 7.6 Cl2. 0 Many thanks for your input.. still in no rush for shrimp/fish. I'm loving my plants and snails 😁
  5. I currently have a simple 20gal tank with no heater. I would like to start growing plants as well. I see light requirements but nothing about temperature. Cory’s videos are very helpful and I’ll probably get 5 or 6 varieties form his beginner plant recommendations. Are there any that do better in 62 (winter) 78 (summer) degree range?
  6. i was wondering whether this plant - Anacharis Elodea Densa Egeria is good to be added to guppies tank ? if so where can i get it and is guppy grass recommended ? i was trying to find , but not able to find a decent one , in that case whether java moss is a better replacement? please advice
  7. Hi all! So I have a 20 gal long tank that I will be setting up very soon. I would like a planted tank with some Corydoras, shrimp, snails and hopefully a betta (pending temperament of course). What are some good beginner plants that won’t grow too tall (height is only 12 inches). Thanks!
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