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Fish for planted nano bowl, low tech w/ no heater or filter

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I was thinking of doing a low tech planted nano bowl (3 gallon or less) similar to what GFarmer or MD have done on their YouTube channels. What fish/shrimp would you guys consider outside of Betta or Cherry Shrimp. Nothing against either of those options, I love them both, just trying to get ideas.  Oh, and open to any pointers since this will be my first attempt at a no filter or heater nano bowl. 

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Not sure how cold you house gets, but a sparkling gourami would be fun. Personally, I like ghost shrimp, but their color is....invisible.

Who is MD?

My main pointer would be the bigger the better for stability sake. I have a lot of no heater, no filter setups but nothing smaller than 10 gallons, but @Mikey Walnuts has a nice setup with pygmy sunfish in a 1 gallon jar.



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Daniel - Thanks for the cool idea. Luckily, my house stays above 69 in the winter so shouldn't be too cold. As for the MD question, i provided a link to one of his videos on a low tech bowl. 



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