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White Film on Platies' Back-Half, Help


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I noticed last night that a few of my female platies did not appear to be doing so well. Upon futher inspected, I discovered that they appear to have a white film on the back half of their bodies, with small streamers of some sort trailing off of the film.





What is this? 

How can i go about treating it? So far it only seems to be affecting my oldest platy females, so possibly age related?


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Sorry to see this. I would immediately check your water parameters. My first thought is that they are losing their slime coat, and that is often a water quality issue if they had some sort of pH swing, nitrate/nitrite or ammonia. You can generally treat this by fixing the water quality and letting time handle and/or salt the tank. You want to try and avoid them getting secondary infections due to loss of that protective layer. That's what I think. Maybe @Colu or another has an idea.

(salt I think is a little counterintuitive but my understanding is that it irritates their skin enough to encourage the slime coat growth while also being antibacterial)

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On 3/29/2024 at 7:19 PM, Colu said:

It could be over production of the slime coat caused by poor water quality as at @xXInkedPhoenixXsuggest another possibilities is a bacterial infection such columnaris what are your water parameters ammonia nitrite nitrate pH KH GH temperature @GoofyGarra

pH- 7.4

GH: 300+

Nitrate: 0

Nitrite: 0

Chlorine: 0

What is odd right now is that it only seems to be affecting my female platies, not the cories, panda garra or mosquitofish, and not even the male platy. Unfortunately lost 1 female to whatever this is earlier today.

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