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Nerite Snail Burying Itself

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This morning, I found my Black Racer Nerite Snail partially buried. Later, I could not find it, so I stuck my hand in the tank where it was this morning, and dug through the gravel. It turns out that the snail had completely gone under the substrate. I found the snail, and pulled it out again, but it just started burrowing again. I noticed that the holes in its shell were bigger than it used to be, which I found was caused by acidic water, so I did a 25% water change. The snail has been in my fish tank for about 3 weeks now, but this is the first time it has done this. I also read that it could be a sign of stress, so could anyone help me find some solutions?


Five gallon tank with 3 adult guppies and one Nerite Snail

I will give the water parameters once my water test strips arrive.

The snail had some holes in its shell when I first got it.


*I circled the snail*20240314_112444.jpg.9237ec66f727e985c3bb024e09663d10.jpg

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We once had one disappear for 6 months or more and then magically reappear.  We thought he died underground.  Also, we learned to find him sometimes by looking at the glass on the bottom of the tank.

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Thank you for all the explanations. @Guppysnail, you were right about them being nocturnal. At night, the snail came out again, and is above the substrate again this morning. @Cinnebuns, I have rarely seen my snail do this, this was the first time. I still don't know if this is normal for it or not, but I will find out sooner or later. Again, thank you everyone for the good answers.

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