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Laetacara curviceps - Smiling acara

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This has been a crazy tough journey for me.  Last year my LFS got these in. Most of the group was bought leaving only 1 left in their tank.  For 5 months every week when I visited I would spend a minute with this little fish.  She was so personable and began recognizing me and rushing to the front as soon as I looked in.  
She stole my heart so I took her home.  She thrived quickly in a tank with one of my male GBR offspring.  Silly girl fell in love with my GBR boy and spawned.  She harassed him relentlessly to fertilize her eggs and he was having none of it.  
I found him a home but then Worried over her becoming egg bound since she developed another egg belly.  She also began moping when her friend was gone.  
I threw a group of Apisto cacatuoides babies in with her to keep her company while they grew out.  Her egg belly continued to grow.  
I order a group online to find her a Mate but they sent me L. dorsigera.  So I ordered another group of 6 but they only sent me an already bonded pair.  
I did lose my girl to egg binding.  This new  pair was thinner with touches of fin rot.  They did ok for a few months but I never got the girls fin rot to completely clear. They spawned twice and ate the eggs.  He then beat her relentlessly.  I tried a divider but everytime I removed the divider after she seemed to be getting better he beat her again.  I lost her then he started losing weight and I lost him.  

Fast forward to 3 months ago my LFS got another group in. They turned out to be all girls so I had them order another group so I could pair these girls.  

They could only get 2 that turned out to be a pair.  

Last week I auctioned the three girls off.  The pair has spawned twice.  Ate the eggs the first time and I messed up my egg hatch last time.

Last night they spawned again so I’m going to pull the eggs as soon as the lights come on. 









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On 3/8/2024 at 9:10 AM, macdaddy36 said:

How do these compare to your dorsigera in terms of aggression? Are they more or less aggressive than your apistos? Are they aggressive to each other or do they ever go after other species?

Mine are all kept in species only breeding tanks. These used to be very popular in the hobby because they make fantastic community fish. 
They display some conspecific aggression when squabbling over territory or mates and defend their eggs but not really well.  Nothing like apistos. Their squabbles are mostly boisterous fluff and show unlike apistos who shoot to kill.  I’ve never had them hurt each other with the exception of the girl who never seemed 100% healthy that the boy kept beating up.  I’m guessing she was not healthy and not producing eggs to spawn so he was trying to drive her from his territory to find a fertile mate.  

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Angry man knows I’m wanting to steal his eggs. B0014197-7F50-4DE4-B2CC-E70B5680D46B.jpeg.888ea18cc0c8ba1bfe8202baedc2073c.jpegC19D2BA1-9691-46D4-B59E-3463F73840ED.jpeg.c7f8c8f13cf863a05089bf71efc758cd.jpeg

Momma stole eggs 501ECBE6-0FEC-406F-911C-4B226D2489CA.jpeg.74fd416979747d08de55813df814483f.jpeg
Interestingly the first batch the girl ate on one of her turns to watch the eggs.  This batch he chased her away since yesterday. She was allowed no turns egg sitting. I feel bad taking his eggs but I know she will eventually gobble the wigglers.  

He is very interesting to watch. He spends 2 hours after they are laid going back over making certain every egg is fertilized. Throughout his fanning he sweeps the eggs with his pelvic fins and rolls sideways to sweep the eggs with his pectorals. 



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