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  1. Welcome. When you speak of blanket algae are you referring to that rich green almost slimy algae (technically Cyanobacteria) or is it something else? Perhaps we can help you out with that?
  2. Power went out today and I got to experience first hand the immediacy with which my new Aquarium Co-op pump kicked into action. What a design and what a stress saver knowing my drapefin barb and long fin BNP tanks were stable. Thankfully it wasn’t too long of an outage. Now I need to add the battery backup pumps to my other aquariums.
  3. No date was provided. Although it sounds like they are ready and are only waiting on municipal approvals. Things outside of Corey’s control that amount to silly red tape items. I work in a Federal Government environment and know these things can move at glacial speed. I’ve got a wedding to attend in BC in July and am hoping to make the drive south for another visit.
  4. We planned a short Seattle vacation and scheduled a trip to the OG retail store. WOW was it exciting to see it in person. I can’t believe how the store started, where it sits today and where it’s heading (+sq. Ft). As a 35 year Canadian hobbyist myself along with an 11 year old son now arms deep in tank water, I’m just so stoked seeing quality products tweaked and rethought for the hobby. Things like coarse foam, bottle baby food feeder, battery backup pump and that ingenious easy flow. Keep them coming. While the expansion wasn’t yet ready due to things outside of Corey’s control, it gives us another reason to head back 😀. Also glad to score on those discounted damaged box items. Thanks to the knowledgeable and welcoming Co-op crew. I’m excited to join and contribute on this forum. Cheers!
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