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I have been trying to set up a Daphnia, tank for stable food supply. I have not seen much growth let alone the prolific growth your article:
describes here despite strict adherence to your recommendations from the article. I have an aqueon 50 on this tank with one of aquarium coops coarse foam filters  covering the intake ( and an airstone) Could I be killing the Daphnia, with this filter?
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@matt Culturing Daphnia is tricky. No matter how many times you have done it, it can still be frustrating.

Culturing Daphnia should be called culturing green water because if you don't have a lot green water it becomes even trickier to feed the Daphnia.

Personally I wouldn't run a filter in a Daphnia tank as the Daphnia would not appreciate the water movement and neither the mechanical or biological filtration provided by the sponge filter is helping the Daphnia.

What are you feeding your Daphnia. A good Daphnia tank should be greener than this. Post a photo of your setup as that might be very helpful in solving the problem.


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