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Guppies Dying 2 to 3 every other day but fry doing fine HELP!!!!!


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I really wanted a community tank with mostly guppies (I know its strange but I really love guppies).

My tanks has been cycled for many months.

I have Guppies, Shrimp, Cory Catfish, Snails, and 2 orange Mexican crayfish and a couple of tetras.

My Guppies are dying 1 or 2 every other day, yet the other inhabitants are fine.

The Tetras and Guppies had babies and the fry is fine but the adults keep dying.

At first I thought it was based on where I purchased the guppies from so I tried 2 other pet stores.

Same thing. I tested the water, it's fine, I have a canister filter and a sponge filter on the tank, and the tank is planted. Can anyone offer advice before I give up my love of Guppies?



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I’m sorry you are having a hard time.  Sadly this is the case with many guppies. 
There are many things it could be.  Illness, parasites, water parameters and the list goes on. 

Manybcommercial raised guppies are raised in brackish water conditions, some are raised with high levels of antibiotics.  Both cause the guppies to have no resistance to common bacteria in freshwater tanks that have no affect on most fish.  

The brackish conditions also cause the guppies to deteriorate due to osmoregulation issues.  

I recommend you quarantine your new guppies and add a touch of salt. Slowly reducing salt over time. 

That is what I did when I worked with guppies. It helped but still I would lose the parents. The fry would do much better and those kids babies would be dynamo living and thriving in my tanks.

What is your ph/kh/gh. Those being too low could hasten the decline of your new kids. 

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