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I just got this yesterday! Like $19, a 2.5 gallon serving thing from target. Angel spawn on breeding cone, wanted something to put it in with a mini heater and airstone, but easily able to change water when needed and this drains, so I can pour water in while draining and keep the eggs under water. 


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3 hours ago, Daniel said:

Echo dot.


The lives of literally millions of baby brine shrimp have been spared a horrible death by suffocation* by just saying "Alexa, remind me in 5 minutes to put the airline tube back in the shrimp".

I need that! We must be around the same age, lol 

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The hose to do water changes must be my best buy. An alarm to notify me when the tank is about to overflow would be if I'd found one. My body is ten years younger than yours but my mind is the same age. I recently spend ~€70 on a humidity sensor device after flooding one tank. Took two days to get the humidity down to acceptable levels. If you ask my spouse she'll tell you that's my best buy 😁

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