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Different Plants for growing out of an aquarium?

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Any houseplant that can tolerate “wet feet” do well. 

Some if mine are peace lily, red mangrove, anthurium, different dracaena types, lotus bamboo, inch plants, spider plants be sure the base of the plant stays dry. 

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I’d recommend syngoniums. You can find some at big box stores and if you look online there are some pretty cool ones. My understanding is that they’re riparian plants in their natural habitat so they’re perfect for this purpose. I’d also recommend cryptanthus potentially if you have a way to secure them. They’re a terrestrial bromeliad that I believe is also from riparian zones. Lots of philodendrons and other aroids would work as well. I’ve seen some people use alocasia. 

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Your limiting factor on what plants you can grow out the aquarium is gonna be how much light you can put on the leaves out of the water. This is why pothos and peace lilies (I forget their scientific name) do so well because they can handle dim indirect room light. There's tons and tons of plants that can handle growing in the water but they're probably not going to prosper without dedicated grow lights for them.

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