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  1. It exists in the wild. The one bred and kept in stores and by hobbyists is semicincta. It's just called kuhli loach for whatever reason.
  2. The actual species p kuhlii isn't the one in the aquarium hobby. P semicincta is the fish commonly known as kuhli loach
  3. I'm still not convinced it's the ramshorns. Only the lilly is getting damaged but they're all over all the plants, so I suspect it might be my scuds nibbling on the leaves and the snails just taking advantage of the damage already done. I recently switched from feeding only dry foods to feeding bbs several times a week and I think the lack of flakes and pellets hitting the substrate has made all my inverts unhappy. I had some shrimps suddenly die and the water clouded up and I had to get an extra filter to clean it out. I switched back to feeding bbs only once a week and my tank seems to be doing better already in the past couple days and I see the shrimps being much more active and hiding less. It's endlessly fascinating how fragile these mini ecosystems are and how hard it is to balance everything right
  4. I went from two to probably over a hundred now. They don't seem to bother anything. Most don't get big for whatever reason. I usually just take a bunch out every time I water change.
  5. I take about half my hornwort out once every week or two. You gotta prune it back hard or it will take over the entire tank in a month or two. It will grow back fine
  6. It's just diatoms. Water changes only make it worse. You just have to let them run their course
  7. I turned on the tank light late last night after it had been dark for a long time and the plant was absolutely covered in snails. I knew I had a bunch of ramshorns but the amount that were out at night was staggering.....
  8. Iron and phosphates are what grow hair algae for me but like the others pointed out be careful what you wish for 😂
  9. The nitrite bacteria just take forever. Chemosynthesis of ammonia and nitrite produces orders of magnitude less energy than photosynthesis or carbon based heterotrophy, so nitrifying bacteria and archae just grow really really slow (think weeks to months). There's really no quick way to cycle without using filter media from another tank.
  10. i put some root tabs in so we'll see what happens. i pruned all the pads back about 2 weeks ago and its already taking off again. i don't mind honestly if it struggles a bit i just don't want it to completely melt and rot. i'm glad i got the 'dwarf' bulb instead of the full size....
  11. Got some new holes in my dwarf lily leaves. I have a mixed community tank of rasboras platys and cherry shrimp. There are also some scuds in the substrate but the platys brutally punish any that dare swim out in the open. Also none of the other plants that are much less exposed to the platys have any damage to them so I'm not convinced it's the scuds. The plant itself is enormous and very healthy so it doesn't seem like a nutrient issue? I don't give it root tabs even tho I've heard they're big root feeders because it's already so big I don't think it needs any help. Maybe I'm wrong about all of this and it is the scuds or a deficiency?
  12. Harlequins are only shy until you get more than 10 of them. I will say that they are greedy little piggies and they give my platys as good as they get when it comes to feeding time. Harlequins won't seem very interesting or active until you get a bunch of them. After that you can't get them to chill out 😂 I've found my harlequins won't eat food off the substrate so I won't think they'd be a problem with any bottom feeding species. Unlike the platys they really only hit the food when it's falling and won't hunt for it on the bottom at all.
  13. I'd be more worried about winning the lottery or being struck by lightning
  14. Male shrimps are small and tend to be much less colorful. Mine are almost transparent. The females are largest and more colorful. Here's some of mine making babies in 20+ ppm nitrates
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