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  1. I tried plastic cross stitch canvas to close the gap on the back of the lid but can't figure out how to fasten to the aquarium lid other than tape. Hot glue didn't work. Plastic egg crate won't work for me to keep tiny shrimp, snails and tiny fish from escaping. 20g long 29 1/8" x 12" planted tank The hinged glass lid I have is approx. 1.5" too short even with 2 inch plastic piece on the back to cut holes for electrical cords. I've scoured the internet but none have the measurements needed. Does anyone with this same problem have any other suggestions?
  2. Here's an example of the sandstone rocks before and after in the tank for a few years (dry). All the rocks and decor and covered with this grey stuff. Peroxide didn't take it off.
  3. I have been unable to remove gray film on sandstone rocks in my Mbuna tanks. I understand porous rocks are not ideal but they were sourced from my property and I love the color. I also have some Texas holey rock other decor that also have this gray film. Not Black Beard algae, this is different. I can't scrub it off with a stiff brush and water. Tried soaking them in bleach water but only turned them white. Film still won't come off. I could start over with a new batch of rock but these have natural holes, caves crevices and neat depressions nice for Mbuna so I'd like to keep them if I can figure out how to clean them. Any suggestions?
  4. 20g long heavily planted tank with 2-3 amano shrimp left, only 2 cherry shrimp left, 9 neon tetras and 6 white clouds doing great, two nerite snails. nitrites 0 nitrates 20-40 ammonia 0 Ph 8.2 (plan to add peat to canister filter, already have driftwood) temp 77
  5. I'm looking for ideas for sealing aquarium back for escape artists. Irene said in one of her videos Amano shrimp she had escaped and was found across the room under some throw pillows. I have now experienced this. I found one across the room from the aquarium on my tile floor - dead. All others except for 2-3 Amano shrimp have disappeared. I was going to order more but want to fix this first. I have one of those plastic flappers on the back of the glass lid but not flush. Does anyone have any ideas as to the best way to seal the back besides cutting multiple holes in the plastic to prevent further casualties? I have a canister filter intake tube, heater cord, air tube for sponge filter, etc... coming out the back. P.S. I ran into the same problem with another tank with Reticulated Hillstream Loaches. I read they are also known to escape.
  6. I've been drip acclimating shrimp for a few hours now. I placed the container into a tub with aquarium water. Temp is 2 degrees off, adding cups of water from the aquarium every so often to the tub get temps to match. However - the sellers water Ph is 7.6 and mine is 8.0. After a couple of hours of drip Ph in shrimp container is still 7.6. Should I add more aquarium water to the container the shrimp are in or just let the drip continue and keep checked Ph? Need to avoid Ph shock when adding them to the aquarium.
  7. ok good. Sounds like they're food aggressive but won't snatch fish. I'll just cut down fish food. There's a Utube video by Rachel O'Leary out there who keeps a tank of only Amano shrimp, she drops in plants tangled with hair algae and driftwood covered in algae and they swarm to in within seconds and strip all the algae in a short time. Sounds like they are cleaning machines. Just what I need.
  8. I have a new 20g long planted tank with Neon Tetras, Celestial Pearl Danios, White Cloud Minnows, Cherry Shrimp and 2 Nerite snails and had two questions. This is my first planted tank. 1) I've started getting hair algae. I'm thinking about getting Amano shrimp since I've read the are great algae eaters. But I've also read they are aggressive in general. Does anyone know if they are safe to keep with nano fish? How many should I get? 2) I'm also thinking of ordering some Blue Eye Forked Tail Rainbowfish, Rummynose Tetras or Ember Tetras. Are these compatible with the one I already have?
  9. I'm in Fort Worth Texas and have kept fish since I was a child. Most recently (the last 10 years or so) I have kept Mbuna African Cichlids. I have high Ph hard water which is what they love. Currently I have a 125g, 75g and 55g with Mbuna. I love the outdoors and have 5 acres of several gardens and wooded areas, a pond with five species of frog, toads, snakes and have lots of bird feeders and bird baths. I ENJOY NATURE DAILY. I recently started a 20g long planted tank for the first time with cherry shrimp, Neon Tetras, Celestial Pearl Danios, two Nertite snails and White Cloud minnows and a 10g quarantine tank. As far as plants I have Anubias, Amazon Sword, Java Moss, Vallisneria, Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, Dwarf Sagittaria and one ivy plant from my yard. I'm learning a lot from Aquarium Co-op site.
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