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cryptocoryne parva melt

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I understand its very common for crypts to melt. The Wendtii green and Wendtii red are doing fine. Only the crypt parvas are steadily melting. Should I cut off the melted leaves and just leave them alone? I'm using aquarium coop root tabs and Seachem Flourish. I also have aquarium coop Easy Green when the other runs out.

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Just wanted to let Cory know (per our previous conversation) I went ahead and switched to Easy Green fertilizer. I'm happy to report not only did my Parva crypts perk up and sending off new shoots, ALL my crypts are now sending off new shoots. It's been less than two weeks. There must be some really good stuff in there!

I also wanted to thank him and the entire staff at Aquarium Coop for all the videos, forums and information that have helped me with starting and maintaining planted tanks. I'm a long time fish keeper but new to planted tanks.

Thank you,


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