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Black Tiger Dario or Dario hysginon


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I have the option to obtain either the Dario hysginon or Dario sp. 'Myanmar' and they are fairly sure there will be females (that is why I didnt want scarlet badis). Are there any significant differences and which one would you pick?

Also they do not guarantee females, so I need to pick a number to end up with one male two females for sure.

The tank I want to place them in is 56 cm x 25 cm x 36 cm and therefore shouldnt house any more than the trio in my opinion. There are also clown killifish, but I am sure the coexistence will be ok, the breeding maybe not, but will see


I have three other tanks I can move the excess fish to, I have the 25 liter indostomus tank and while I wouldnt want to move too many of the fish there, I can move at least one, they coexist in nature without issues. I also have the 60 liter cube with pygmy corydoras that may be problematic, but it has a tunnel, a coconut cave and dense planting, so one or two fish should cohabit. Worse case scenario, while the 150 liter tank would not be their ideal setup, there are caves and plenty of cover, the java moss and places with low flow. The feeding would be a problem but I would manage.


I will obviously buy some botanical pods and stuff to mimic caves and hideouts for the main clown killifish tank

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Live food is the only thing my guy ever ate. 

I got him because my vendor friend had sold off all of hers and he was left behind. She asked me if I would adopt him. So I have no breeding info on him  

His tank was heavily planted with lots of nooks and crannies.

I had an Apisto cave in there for shrimp to hide in.  My scarlets never used those caves.  I was vacuuming and decided to replace the Apisto hut with cholla wood.  Imagine my surprise when I could not find him and looked in the bucket I was using to find him swimming around.

He was very personable with me 

I had an aquarium coop heater.  I was catching out Least killifish from that tank so moved the filter and heater out.  

I was heartbroken when I could not find him while netting the others.  I returned the equipment to the tank when I was done and my poor little guy floated out from the heater.  After I removed the Apisto hut he used the heater as a cave.  

That’s all I really know I only had him for 3 months before I accidentally dehydrated him.  


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I had a pair of scarlet badis when I was young. They lived in a 10g blackwater tank I believe I had them for a year and yup mine exclusively ate live daphnia and bloodworms

I don’t remember much about their behavior. That was a time where I hoarded fish tanks. They lived alone and were fairly shy but were fun to watch hunt. 

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