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10 gal and a Claw frog??

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So i had to make an audible and take my claw frog out of my goldfish tank, i believe he was attacking the goldfish. The only other established tank i have right now is this 10 gal...So now i have my claw frog in the 10 gal by himself but id like to now what kind of fish could go in with him? I wanted danios and a betta but now im not to sure...i am kind of going crazy and buying all kinds of tanks, so honestly this is prly a temp home for him...also i never see him eat, what kind of food does he eat? I bought frog pellets when i got him, but ive never seen him go for one?? 



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I keep African dwarf frogs but I guess they are similar enough.  

Mine eat only live food. White worms, grindle worms, scuds, daphnia magna.

Some ADF keepers have had luck using frozen bloodworms in a feeding dish so the food is always in the same place. 

If it doesn’t move mine won’t eat it.  Many say they have poor eyesight but they do not.  Mine can dart towards live worms and catch them midwater.  The eyesight myth comes from they just do not normally eat anything not moving.

Clawed frogs get much larger and have front claws vs web front feet.  I have a friend who kept them a few years ago. She said they can be aggressive when hungry and injure fish.  They are also clumsy so can accidentally injure fish.  Hers only ate live food.  

Yours may just be young but does look a bit thin/small.  Or it just seems that way to me because mine are FAT and always carrying eggs. If you don’t see him eat he is probably hungry and attacking the fish. 

@xXInkedPhoenixX has had success getting ADF to eat frozen bloodworms. Maybe they can guide you. I keep so many live food options I don’t even try with bloodworms.  I have however given them two types of aquatic frog commercial pellets.  They do not even acknowledge its presence and my shrimp eventually clean it up.  Yes my frogs eat the shrimp but there are so many the frogs can’t make a dent in the population.  

I would not keep small fish with mine. I accidentally netted a very young fish when moving shrimp into their tank. The baby was disoriented when it went into the frog tank.  Trust me my ADF have excellent eyesight because the baby was nabbed by the frogs before I could net it back out. 

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