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  1. So i have 4 tanks, one is a goldfish tank im not to worried about, but at the last of summer last yr, my only tank was in the mid 80s....i used ice to cool it off. I plan on getting 2 acs to run but my electric bill is alrdy high w 4 tanks lol. Maybe ill try the frozen water bottle thing
  2. Are there any tricks to keeping my fish tanks cool throughout the summer months? I live in an upstairs apt and it gets hot during the summer, i dont wnna cook my fish lol....Any ideas??
  3. So i have a clutch of mystery snail eggs in my goldfish tank, i pretty much knw if they hatch the goldfish will eat them, my question is, will it hurt the goldfish if they eat the baby snails??
  4. So I just had another hob filter stop working after only 3 months. I have a 75 gal tank that I was gonna switch to a canister filter, but how does it work? Does my tank have to be drilled to uae a canister filter?
  5. Is there like a wholesaler to buy tanks from? Am i right that 40 breeders would make good show tanks? 20 was jst the number i was thinking...i alrdy have the space, i jst need to show the person who will back me that its a viable thing...ne suggestions on how i can show him? There isnt a fish store within an hr of me, i rly think it could work...does cory actually co op with ppl that have an actual business to co op with lol...
  6. Does anybody have a rough estimate on what the overhead would be to open a small, maybe 20 tank fish store?? And what licenses r involved with it?
  7. So how oftern should i change the actual whisper filter cartridge in my filter? I know not to change the filter floss, but the actual whisper cartridge in my filter is super bad, do i jst rinse it off or change it? There r 2, and i dont wanna mess up the ecosystem because my tank is in really good shape...
  8. BIRD0887


    What is wrong w my cory?? I just noticed this, it looks like a cut on his face but im not sure how it would of happened? None of my other corys in this tank have ne cuts on them...There is a german ble ram in the tank, idk if he cld be the culprit??
  9. @GalabarI have a question that is off topic...ive been feeding big pieces of cucumber to my pleco, and my water is rly cloudy, is it from the vegetables?
  10. Wow looking at that blueprint nothing is missing! I bought a 75 n this musta been the filter they were using along as a hob...Does carbon go bad?? @Galabar
  11. I got this system w a tank i bought..pretty sure its missing pieces, but what is it??
  12. I ordered 2 Golden blue eyed bristlenose plecos. They are only 1-1.25 in, so they r babys. I alrdy have a 10 in common pleco, they r awesome.
  13. @Tony s Oh man i have plans to have a 125 and another 75...i live an apt an im limited, but i love it! I just got my first live bearers in the 29, i went with swordtails. I ordered to mystery snails for it, and the plecos are so small rn they r going in the 10 or maybe 1 in the 29 to. I love snails to! I only have 1 black mystery rn, but have 4 on the way :)
  14. @Tony s I have 3 tanks with fish in them, a 55, 29, 10... I have plans to buy a 125 but i cant find one. I dont have algae eaters in the 10 or 29, they are newer setups
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