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Mystery snails

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This Pic doesn't do it justice, but I managed to hatch 2 clutches in different tanks...my question is what, other than cucumbers can I fees these guys? The cucumbers turn my water nasty.... and what do I do w all these snails lol??


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-Mystery snails are omnivores, so they get nutrients from both plants and animals. They'll happily munch on algae in your tank, but you can also supplement their diet with a variety of vegetables. Here are some safe options for your mystery snail:

Blanched leafy greens: Romaine lettuce, spinach, kale

Sliced vegetables: Cucumber, zucchini, squash, green beans

Carrot slices (blanched or microwaved for softening)

-Here are some tips for feeding your mystery snail vegetables:

Wash them thoroughly before placing them in the tank.

Blanch them briefly in boiling water to soften them up. This makes them easier for the snail to eat and helps them sink to the bottom of the tank.

Cut them into small pieces that are easy for your snail to manage.

Only put in a small amount at a time and remove any uneaten food after a day or two to avoid fouling the water.

Also congrats on hatching your snails! Ask your local pet store if they would take them, sometimes they will even give you store credit for them! (Sorry for the lack of responses)

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When I hatched my recent clutch, I fed them … nothing. They did just fine on the surface algae in the tank. It was in a 75g tank though. Which had a lot of surfaces for them to clean. In smaller tanks, I feed them algae wafers. Or sometimes sinking carnivore pellets. Same thing I’d feed the adults. They’re so small when they hatch, they don’t require a lot of additional feeding if you have the algae for them. 

And congrats, they’re a lot of fun to watch wandering around the tank. 

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