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Recommendations for a nano light?


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I like the hygger. It's been a good light in my 35 gallon tall hex.  Plants have grown great and it's bright enough to reach the bottom.

That being said, changing lights won't stop algae. A combination of plants, lighting, and fertilizer will fix that. 

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I would agree that you should pinpoint the exact cause of your algae instead of assuming it's your light. IME, even a cheap Amazon LED fixture will be capable of putting out enough light to overwhelm a small tank. I'd look at your water parameters and fert schedule, and find a balance with all three.

All that said, my favorite light on small tanks is the Finnex Stingray Clip-On. The Finnex Stingrays are one of my favorite lights, and the Stingray Clip-on is under $25, has a nice light spectrum (IMO), a gooseneck for adjustments, and has been a quality light that's lasted years. Not sure what dimensions your tank is, but this light will likely work well for you.

Biggest downside is that the clip really works best with rimless tanks (it sounds like your cube probably is rimless anyway). It works with rimmed tanks but sometimes it can be tough to get a good mount.


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