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Last round of shrimp pics


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As I've been culling my orange rili shrimp over the last year or so, I have been separating out and breeding solid orange shrimp that I feel have decent color. I only have a few dozen of these, but I'm working on building out their numbers as well as color.

I don't have any more shrimp varieties, so I guess I can no longer bore you with pictures of them.  🙂

As always, thanks for looking.OR_1.jpg.430f40b08cf9b41cac0c9fa2e3a22a68.jpg



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On 9/2/2023 at 11:25 AM, a date with nature said:

Never seen one that shade of orange before. They look great!


I must admit I do touch up my photos a bit in photoshop. But I work to never change the coloration, vibrancy or saturation of a specimen, or otherwise introduce into it any false aspects. I use these pics for advertisements so I feel it would be disingenuous for me to alter their color in any way.

However, what I do edit for are things like exposure or contrast adjustments, reduced or increased hi-lighting, noise reduction, etc. I will also very gratuitously edit out dead spots on leaves, poop, uneaten food, spots on the aquarium glass, etc. Anything that's not a fish or shrimp itself is fair game for alteration!

So, long-story-long, those colors and opacity are pretty true to these shrimp. When I first noticed some of these nice, solid-colored shrimp coming out my rilis or popping up in my cull tank, I been selecting the choice specimens amd dropping them into a pleco tank where they just do their thing. 

When I have a few spare ten gallons, I think I'll start refining them a bit. What I'm trying to achieve in these  is a nice solid orange with little translucence. I'm also trying to eliminate some of the brown coloration that can show up from time to time that makes them look more pumpkin-spice-cake-colored than a true pumpkin orange.

Anyway thanks for the compliment.


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Ok, so I figured I'd post some before and afters to show my use of photoshop on the pics I take. Now I will admit I am a total noobie when it comes to Photoshop, but it is pretty cool and handy.

Anyway, just posting this in case anyone is interested in what I do with my pics in terms of touching them up, and trying to not modify the original subject in a way that seems artificial or misrepresentative of the real life subject.

This the original RAW pic from my camera or a CRS.  In the final picture, I decided to boost the exposure for the background and to cut back a touch of the yellow. My pictures of CRS this round seemed to introduce a tad more yellow to their coloration than that have in real life. Maybe this is an artifact of the lighting or my white balance dunno? (See the last example for a more drastic perspective on this).

I also pulled out some chromatic aberration caused by shooting through glass. This appears most drastically as a fuzzy halo around the tail, but can also be seen as a very thin purple/hazy line around much of the shrimp's outline. It's not as drastic in this pic as it is in others, but I always strive to sharpen the edges of the shrimp when I can.





Here is a Orange Rili where I did most of the editing to remove the gunk on the leaves, shown in the bottom right corner (I think that's BacterAE from the night before!). I also did a teeny bit of spot removal.






Here is another before and after of a CRS. The difficulty I had with shooting these shrimp s that if I target the light reading directly off their body, the white comes out ok, but the backdrop is vastly under exposed (as seen in the first CRS example), but if I let the camera take a reading from a much wider perspective, it introduced a lot of yellow into the shot (again, gotta figure out what I'm doing wrong here). So in the 'after' I toned down the yellow a bit as the whole picture seems a bit yellowish to my eye. I also edited out what looks like a shrimp poop! I also touched up a blurry tail.





Once again, thanks for looking!

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