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  1. thank you so much for all your responses. my water parameters were great. in did a water change when they started to not do so well. just in case there were undetectable things. the tank was an established tank that i had going for a year and a half with zero problems. on of them died of neon tetra disease. but the other ones just spontaneously died without warning. there were no signs of bullying in the fish, and i didn't see any aggressiveness. i have the fish bodies frozen in a bag to take back to the store. since my last post two more have died. but the last one looks perfect. biggest on of the bunch. thanks again everyone!
  2. hey everyone! 5 days ago i bought six neon tetras from my local petco, since then 5 of them have died, i think this is the stores fault, cause they looked a little crappy there and the employee that helped me was, in my eyes, an idiot. she literally couldn't tell the difference between a neon tetra with full color, and a baby brown fish. so i paid more money for them. so i dont think they were attended to well or taken very good care of. is this the stores fault, or am i the idiot who is pointing fingers?
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