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Hi, I am a relatively new fish keeper I have been keeping fish for about 2 years at this point except they were not back to back years. I had a first fish tank at age 10  it was a 10 gallon tank with glowlight tetras a common clown pleco and ghost shrimp. Needless to say it was kinda a disaster none of my fish survived super long and my poor parents and I where clueless as to the reason why (Improper Cycling). A year later the seal broke on the tank and that was that. Jumping back into fish keeping quite a few years later I now have a 29 gallon tank planted with 10 Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows, 6 peppered corydoras, 3 amano shrimp, 1 clown pleco. I hope my skills have improved slightly and the corydoras have bred several times with 8 babies surviving so I suspect the fish are happy. I also hope to continuing growing my understanding of fish keeping by being in this forum.

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