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Bigger tank rack plan any experience?

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The general idea is this sketch. The difference is the rack will be 3 blocks long then one sideways 


Using these 16x8x8 blocks


And 3/4" maple plywood in 2'x4' sections like the drawing. For this 270 gallon


Anyone done this kind of stand ? How far much of an overlap of plywood to block would you do? I am considering doing a cap stone for more surface area and resting the plywood on that vs the open block. 

Any guidance on this one much appreciated. 

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On 8/10/2023 at 5:45 AM, Fish Folk said:

I’ve never done anything that large. I’m estimating that in at well over over a ton, right? I like thick plywood between the tank and block. I’d just make sure it goes on concrete floor. 

Yeah I figure ill run it with about 250 gallons of water and 150lbs of pool filter sand. That plus the tank itself and the stand is basically the weight of parking a car down there.  The fishroom.is in the walkout basement

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