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HELP!!! Filter breakdown

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So I got home from just now and my filter wasn’t running, worse case scenario it was out of service for 13 hours. Tank is a 35 gallon moderately planted, tank with 5 mollies, 6 tetras 8 corys, 4 snails  and about 5 molly fry the tank also has a large airstone in it. All the fish look fine right now. I got a spare filter running now (with fresh medium unfortunately) and I dosed the tank with prime and stabilize. How devastating is this going to be for my tank, anyone have any other suggestions on what I should do to minimize the impact? TIA

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I would keep the water tested for ammonia and nitrites, and keep up with water changes if needed.

Every surface in your tank will home beneficial bacteria, even tho the majority of it is living in the filter. Plants would also help you too.

Your tank does not sound overstocked which is also good.

If you can, transfer the media from your old filter to the new one. If it was a hob, try to put the media in a filter bag and put it on/next to your new sponge for example. Or if tnhe new one is also a hob, try to fill the basket with the old media

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On 7/30/2023 at 9:48 AM, mynameisnobody said:

I think your biggest dilemma is figuring out why the filter went down in the first place. 


What filter are we talking here?

Ultimately, you can have a "failsafe" with an air stone in the tank. Airstones are a lot more reliable to power back on.

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