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Sulfur Smell in 1 year old tank

Marnol D

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I have had a 50 Gallon tank setup for over a year now. The last two times i have gravel vacuumed the tank the water coming out of the tank smells of sulfur(edit: this has been probably over a month that the smell has been there when gravel vaccing). What causes this and is it anything i should be worried about? Mulm is present around the root plants ( i dont vacuum these areas)

Substrate is black gravel. (tanks does have 17 small mystery snails but all are alive and moving so i dont think its dead snail)

ammonia 0

nitrite 0 

nitrate 10~ ( running CO2 and have to dose ferts to keep nitrates readable)

ph 7.2

sponge filter is the filter and sponge was cleaned 3 weeks ago. 


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