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Isopod Waterfall Adventure

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Finally committed to a plan for this 4’ tall 3’ wide isopod enclosure. 

Here is the paint and siliconed the glass in place to seal in moisture. The paint is cottage green chalk by shabby chic. Very lovely and great coverage. 





Once the silicone is cured the background will go in and I will get started on the waterfall feature. Going to be using great stuff black, volcanic pumice, and chicken wire to get it all molded and in place. More details to come! 


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Okay went back and forth on my vision but most the plants are in and I quite love it!


I still need to grab some native moss-I’m going to attempt to RR it. And I have some Callisia repens ‘Turquoise jewel’ propagules that need to be planted as well.





I still need to set aside a day to watch the waterfall feature I installed and make sure it doesn’t drain where it shouldnt.


While the plants get situated and the fungal culture takes hold the isos will live in their derelict housing for the time being (I stole some of their hides for the new housing) 


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I had to scrap it! I sold the zoomed terrarium and the tall terrarium wouldn’t hold water no matter how much silicone I used so it will now be a humidity box for my partner’s orchids


I bought a 12g high aquatop tank and once the rest of the tropical plants show up I will make a post about it!

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