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Water sprite update


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I wonder if there is a second career in growing water sprite, or at least enough money to pay for the hobby. 

My very large sprite has now been divided again. I swear it grows a half inch a day or more. Out of one regular size plant in September, there is now a piece in my 10-gal (itself ready to split into 2), sacrificed 2 small pieces for each of my quarantines, and now I have 3 pieces in my main tank after splitting them over the weekend. 

What do you guys think if I take the two sprites at the top and, once my first 8 harlequins are out of quarantine, ask my LFS to trade them for 4 harlequins when I go in to get the next 8? Because if this works out I will do a tub of the stuff and start actually selling it to them. 





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