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Help reduce wait time at the shop

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With the ongoing Covid-19 issues we are still implementing only one party per work associate at the retail store. To keep wait times down we suggest coming in on Monday through Friday as the weekends are extremely busy. We also would like you to come in prepared and with a list of things that you need when you walk through the front door. We are asking people to not spend more than 15-20 minutes in shop so we can keep the lines moving especially during the weekends. As we get deeper into fall and winter, temperatures will be dropping. We have been testing with a restaurant style pager system that allows you to stay in your warm car while waiting to get into the shop.




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I would love to have a list before coming in, but as a newer fish keeper I have so many questions. I think I was in the store for 45 minutes the last 2 times I was there.  *face palm*  Would it be ok to ask my questions outside the shop before going inside so people can go in, or would it be better to ask my questions here?  I am new here to the forum and don't know where to go with all my questions.  

I'm wanting to stock my 40 gallon and give it more life.  I feel like I've asked this question 100 times already and don't know the answer yet. 

Where would be the best place to ask my questions before getting to your store with my list.  I'm new to Washington and fish keeping and need some help in order to do it right.  


- Eden.  

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Hi Eden. Questions are actually best asked here in this forum as that's why we built it. If its medical question ask it in the medical part or if its a general question ask it in the general question area for example. Welcome to Washington and our fish community.



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3 hours ago, Robert said:

I post weekly on this forum in store announcement. It will say new fish list for the week of. I post every week @Odd Alan

Hi Robert,

Thanks for replying! I've seen those posts and assumed the Co-Op would have left over stock from previous weeks?

Just wondering if there was any "system" similar to the mail order side of the business where you grey out the item and label it "Out of Stock"?

[I'm local and understand the Co-Op does not ship live fish.]



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Tracking fish is not something we have found a good system for. Fish stock go up and down daily. We've had people have to wait years for a fish that never comes back. We've had people call and say I'll be in, in an hour, meanwhile the 200 tetras of which they wanted 12 of sold.  The system we have found that is a step in the right direction is posting what comes in each week. Dealing with live stock it's too difficult to keep a stock list of what is in stock at all times unfortunately. 

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