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  1. Sadly, the Live Plants page redirects to the International Page??? What plants are in stock?
  2. My experience with Gouramis is they chase each other establish a hierarchy that changes hourly then shoal around for awhile. I wouldn’t rehome unless you see damage…. Do you have a place for the bullied Gourami to hide in the QT tank? As for the the dynamic of my 4 Gouramis: shoal, chase, repeat, and eat.
  3. I'm voting for (3) females. Here are my Pearl Gouramis.... Left to right: F, M, F, F. The females have rounded fins, bigger bellies, and less orange. The male has more orange(especially below the eyes) and the fins are more "ragged" the cartilage etends out more.
  4. Yep, great minds... Just picked up three Otos at the CoOp today, everyone doing okay so far. Thanks!
  5. I have a 10 gallon nano tank with (3) Pea Puffers and (7) Spotted Danios. Is there a good algae and/or snail shell "eater" that would make a good tankmate? thanks!
  6. Wish I knew this before the big trim... Any tricks for growing out of the tank? How long till they flower?
  7. I have a M/F pair of Pearl Gouramis, I noticed similar "damage" on the female typically from chase and bump incidents with hardscape. What worked for me was picking up two more females, now the (1) male and (3) females shoal peacefully together, EXCEPT at feeding time, however with three females the male gets confused about which one to chase. :) Other solutions, I've read about; * rearrange the hardscape/plants then the male has to reestablish his territory * put the male in your hospital tank for a "time out' good luck!
  8. Excellent choice! Love Kuhli Loaches. 👍 My 45 gal TRUVU: Planted tank Pea gravel substrate (1) Aquaclear 300 HOB filter with Co-Op Large Pre Filter Sponge [PSA: Make sure your HOB intake has a pre filter so the Kuhli Loaches don't explore/sucked up to the impeller.] (1) Co-Op Coarse Large Sponge Filter (10) Thriving Kuhli Loaches
  9. Great idea! I used (2) old cassette tape boxes to raise my Fluval about 4 inches(the cassette boxes are pinched in the leg extensions). [BTW: using the Lake Malawi preset.]
  10. No, not large enough to "keep", (5) juveniles would do OK in 80 gallons... Typically Clown Loaches can live over 10 years, grow up to 12 inches, at that point you want to keep them(about 5) in at least 150 gallons. [speaking as someone who loves Clown Loaches but all my aquariums are too small :(]
  11. This forum(s) is(are) inspirational... I have an old Auqaclear 300(model 70 now?). No foam so I made and adjustable plexiglass baffle out of airline hose, airline suction cup and two small pieces of plexiglass. My Water Lettuce thanks you!
  12. Re-thinking the idea(more coffee) I'll probably go for a 500-700 dollar propane generator and a power outage/alarm for my iPad.
  13. All the hardscape I own I bought over the years from LFS... for me it's an issue of "art" and laziness... if it looks good I buy it, out in the wild I'm too lazy to carry it home. Besides, I "think" there are ordinances against taking objects from parks, beaches, etc. The few backyard rocks I collect I spray with 10% bleach(baylisascaris and samonella)and scrub with dish soap, lots of rinsing in between. Put in the aquarium(new bare) and test the pH, then decide what ecosystem I want to setup.
  14. Yep, gave up on the UPS idea, currently pricing propane generators... Any wisdom(beside house power switch over circuit) on auto starting generators when the power goes out in the middle of the night?
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