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Submersible pump to help with water changes?


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Wanted to see if anyone has experience with or could recommend a submersible pump to help with water changes. 

Would need one where the inlet and outflow can be fitted with tubing, an internal filter so anything sucked up while siphoning out water won't jam up the pump (or if anyone with experience can say if this is not necessary), and would ideally like to find one with adjustable flow. 

Thanks! 😄

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Check out George Farmer's method using a submersible pump.  I just went to Lowes and purchased a pond pump, plastic tubing and pvc  piping...and no more carrying  buckets! ( picture below) I can drain and fill my tank using the pump.  Water changes are easy, quick and fun now!waterchangegear.jpg.2c819149b2db89c0c89fc7a2266c5cec.jpg



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I bought a Zoo Med Terra Habitat Drain Pump and it's been a game-changer. We have a small septic tank and funky old faucets so the Python wasn't really an option for me. I was siphoning water into 5 gallon buckets and dumping them out the front door and carrying 3 gallon buckets from the sink to refill the tanks and ended up hurting my back. So I bought the pump and it has made water changes a piece of cake. [2 -- 40 gallon breeders, a rimless 44 gallon , and a 75 gallon.]

I stick the thing in the top of my tank to the level I want to drain (the bottom of the pump is only how far it draws water down). I bought some 10' clear 5/8" internal diameter hose sections with double barb-end adapters to make the hose as long as I want from Home Depot, then I run the hoses out to whatever flower bed I want to water, and just turn it on. It doesn't suck up my fish or my plant floaters at all. If I want to vacuum the gravel, I do it the old fashioned way with a siphon into 5 gallon buckets, then I just use the pump in those buckets with my hoses outdoors to the flower beds and empty them that way.

Filling the tanks, I put the pump in the bottom of a 3 gallon bucket in the sink (well water) and run the same hoses across the house into the tank. Then I just get my water temperature right and let the bucket, fill it about 1/3 of the way, and kick the pump on and it runs the water into my tank. I dump my Prime and alkaline buffer into the fill bucket in the sink while the pump is running. I just watch the tank level and shut the pump off when the tank is full.

Best thing, ever!

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