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weird bugs in my tank

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So I just bought some wood to go in my lil 3gal snail tank, and I think it brought a host of little bugs with it... I'd provide a picture but they're tiny! They look like little dots. I boiled the wood before I added it to the tank so I'm extra surprised they showed up. Any advice?


-A helpless novies


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They are probably copepods, daphnia or seed shrimp. They are nothing to worry over. The wood is not to blame but is a good food source for microfauna. 
I run several snail tanks and get all manner of tiny critters in all of them. It means your ecosystem is thriving and that is a good thing. 
If you plan to add fish or have fish in another tank you could feed they will go crazy eating them. If not no worries. These are harmless and a bonus clean up crew. 

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I can't really see without a close up, but you will have clean up crew like mention above from Guppysnail.

The wood may start to look likes it's worst, this is normal. Best of luck 

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They almost certainly did not come from a boiled piece of wood. If the wood was fully submerged in boiling water for a few minutes it would come out completely sterile except a few small exemptions. Either way though they are likely beneficial and trying to add even more micro organisms is also likely beneficial. Have fun

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