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  1. So I just bought some wood to go in my lil 3gal snail tank, and I think it brought a host of little bugs with it... I'd provide a picture but they're tiny! They look like little dots. I boiled the wood before I added it to the tank so I'm extra surprised they showed up. Any advice? Thanks -A helpless novies
  2. Oh this makes me feel a lot better! Thank you for sharing that.
  3. Hi, thank you so much! I have been trying to get Bob to eat a lil more, but he's usually a fan of spirulina tabs! He has also munched on cucumber slices before. The tank has been running almost two months, but after the shrimp died I got really worried about the water quality and I started the tank cycle over with lots of new bacteria.
  4. Hi! Bob is definitely a bit picky, but he likes spirulina tabs! I'm trying to get him to eat kale but i'm unsuccessful so far lol.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm super duper new to this hobby, and I have a 3L tank that's home to a nerite snail named Bob! She used to share the tank with four Ghost Shrimp but they have unfortunately passed. I've been loving learning more about the critters and plants in my tank, but I could definitely use advice taking care of them. I'd really love to get a bigger tank with some fish someday! And if anyone has any tips about tankmates for Bob please do share. ❤️
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