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Baby Shimps


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Must have had some shrimps hatch . Just noticed 5 very small bloody mary shrimp in my tank sitting in my java moss , and about . I hope there were none in my r&r moss  .Didn't notice any. Now I hope my little female betta wont eat them .. Ha .

Ya, I see her digging through my moss that didn't get algae trying to hunt them down . She be bad I'll put her back in with my male betta .. lol 

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On 4/21/2023 at 5:34 PM, GCH said:

Just saw this really tiny one not really as red as the others and half the size . Do they hatch at different times vs all about the same time ?

Could be different sets, but they do grow at different rates based on gender and living conditions.  One shrimp might have chosen a "better spot" so to speak and got more nutrients.  When I first say mine they were very, very small.  After about a week they were gigantic by comparison.

They grow fast!

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