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Male Betta


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Is hard water bad for bettas because I been having problems with fin rot I try meds mercy with ickX. I also try salt bath 1 table spoon one galong of water and he still losing parts of his tail I'm wondering if my hard water can be the problem I had him fo about 10 month ago he is eating but I can't get the fin rot ot to stop any suggestions I'm afraid I will lose him if it keeps going on.




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Hi there. I don't think most of the time it should be an issue but if this is the only thing you suspect could be a problem what I might do is start mixing his tap water with spring or distilled. 300 is pretty high but I'm not sure what those effects might be - however typically they prefer softer water. 

It doesn't appear there is much in his tank he could harm himself with. 

Betta with long fins often have this issue. I would try several things but not all at once in order not to stress him and so you know what actually works. @Chick-In-Of-TheSea had some of the same issues with her Gepetto. One thing I would recommend is put a floating or attached tunnel at the top of his tank (leaving a little room for air) so he doesn't have to exit for a breath. This will give him to chance to hide from light and stressors. 

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Indian almond leaves are really beneficial for bettas as they have antibacterial and          antifungal properties as @xXInkedPhoenixXsuggested also have you seen him nipping his own fins that is common in long fined bettas if he's flaring a lot that can stop the fins from healing  if that the case you want to add things to try and distract him like adding some floating plants add a background to the tank to cut down on reflections as he might be flaring at his own reflection add a floating log  as @xXInkedPhoenixXsuggest add some some more plants  I would also add some aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 5 gallons at that level it won't harm your plants if after a week you notice the fins getting worse then I would do a course of kanaplex it a more broad spectrum antibiotic treatment@alcidmr

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