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New Notropis

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In a few weeks, I hope to be in possession of some new NANF shiners.

If I can catch them wild, I may get Notropis chlorocephalus (Catawba Greenhead Shiners)…


If not, I may opt for Notropis chiliticus (Redlip Shiners)…


To be ready, I am very pleased with this new reset of a 55-gal. For anyone interested in trying out a NANF river species, here is how I am setting up the tank for brooders…


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On 3/4/2023 at 12:04 AM, nabokovfan87 said:

That's very cool.  the adults are in the background of the first photo?  Sorry if this is a foolish question!

No, those are other species. The large ones are chubs who move rocks to make mounds over which many different dace and shiner species spawn…


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On 3/4/2023 at 5:09 AM, TheSwissAquarist said:

Those are seriously nice colors. Makes guppies look 🤢! I can see a bumper load of fry this summer…😁

One reality with many of these species is that they color up brightly in season or periodically for spawning.

The attraction of Notropis chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners) is that they remain wonderfully colored all of the time, but “fire up” in ecstatic coloration when spawning…



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It randomly occurred to me that I found every single species of fish in the first picture in the same stream all at one time LOL. Hopefully later this week I can pick up a few more Catawba Greenheads and begin a breeding setup for them. Stream 5 mins from me is chock full of em right now.

Also, The spot for redlips I know is a riffle run in the Upper Yadkin Watershed in a narrow part of the Yadkin itself near Happy Valley, NC. It's interesting that it's at an old park and also a tree farm, and has some silt in areas, but the swift current in the riffle run below the silt washes all the silt away, and that's where I found one redlip and approximately 6 darters in 5 minutes. Anyways, Hope you have success collecting!

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