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Mystery Worm ID


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In my 1.5 gals Neocaridinia Davidi Shrimp tank, the air pump got unplugged overnight and I came back to plug it in when I noticed these all over the sides of the tank and nearby plants. 
I believe they may be detritus worms, the only thing holding me back is the circular shape of their head. (the lights were out and the sponge filter not running all night)

the second photo has a zoomed-in image of their shape,  note the bottom larger one, the lowest part was the head. 
I have had a type of detritus worm before and these don't quite look like them. But they don't look quite like planaria either. 

The worms did not seem to be on the shrimp. 

I want a second opinion before I do anything too drastic. 

Screenshot 2023-02-23 132826.png


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Planaria are significantly larger and thicker bodied than detritus worms.  That said, the top pic all looks like detritus worms.  Your lower, close up pic is too blurry to be sure what it is.  It does look a little thicker bodied and might be a small planaria fully stretched out.  I would need to see a better pic of the fatter looking worm in your lower pic to say anything definitive.

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