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Sorry for the clickbait title lol. Im looking to see if anyone can confirm my snail species or type or whatever. I have had these snails for years and have always thought they were MTS but my brother thought they were rabbit snails. Here's what I know:

They get 2 inches long when full grown.

They burrow under ground but not often.

They have a plate that seals them in tight when they curl up.

They have pretty spotted flesh.

They eat plants more than I like. Anything new gets really munched on.

They are very prolific and I now have many but not literally hundreds in each tanks. 


The reason I'm suddenly curious is because I have been struggling with plants for a while now and I'm trying to double check my parameters. Like I said these snails are quite ruff on new plants while they are acclimating to my water parameters. I feed very heavy in order to keep the snails fat and happy but that is hard to maintain and also doesn't help the total population of snails to stay at a healthy level. 





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Hey there, 

I'm sharing the below mentioned topic, you can see my detailed message regarding rabbits there. They look like some sort of rabbits/ tylomelania  to me.

I keep mine in a heavily planted tank, even with java fern. I personally have never seen them eating plants. They are mostly known to eat java ferns, and leave the rest alone.

However, if you are not feeding them with blanched veggies and snello, then they might be going for plants to cover their veggie needs. 

They mostly give birth to one baby once a month. They have males and females, so probably you had luck with that one as there is no clear way to tell the gender!

I've written some stuff in more detail here;

If you have any more questions, I would like to help!

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You also have a bladder snail in the second photo maybe that’s where some confusion has come from? I tend to agree with others I might take it further and say they look like white spotted rabbit snails Tylomelania patriarchalis


On 1/22/2023 at 9:39 AM, bryanisag said:

They have pretty spotted flesh.

Interesting…. Uh…. Word choice 😟

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On 1/23/2023 at 7:44 AM, Mynameisnobody said:

Looks like Black Devils Horn snails

Black devils generally have a more of a smooth look and shape of a shell as far as I know.

Like these ;



Considering they have been breeding and the last pic is also belongs to same species, I'm not sure it is a black devil. The shell structure does not seem as smooth and shaped as devils, imo

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