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Greetings from DFW


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5 months ago I bought a 36g bowfront on a petsmart sale. Now I have 7 tanks and trying to figure out how to get some bigger ones in my space. Found the coop a few months ago and have made a bunch of orders. Just received 6 more plants today.  Love the blogs and youtubes that have been done.   Started with some neons and corydoras.  A month later added a 10g for a betta.  Made the mistake(not really) of getting 3 guppies. Within 2 weeks  had over 50.   Have a few hundred now.  Luckily my lfs will take them at about a month old.  Ive really enjoyed seeing the little guys grow.  There are a few siamese algea eaters in one of the tanks, a bunch of nerites, and my first sort of tank standout is a powder blue dwarf gourami as recommended by Cory.   I can go into the room with my tanks and get lost for hours at a time. Glad to be here. 16040854713912110825462073831152.jpg.43b3e06c0ac7031a456fe51b15437cbf.jpg

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